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Written by Gollum   
Wednesday, 24 September 2008 14:05

This site is dedicated to the community in a.b.p.e.t.a

Note! You can not se any pictures or write any comments unless you are registred and logged in. You may registrer with any name and emai!

The purpose of the site is to be a resource regarding
- Supplying CSVs
- Downloading tools and programs
- Supply answers to common questions (FAQ)
- Supply model/set locator pages

What to post in abpeta;

Ontopic: The group is intended for sharing pictures of transsexuals. Comments, requests, alerts and other short messages are welcome as long as they are not rude or abusive.
Videos are allowed only if they are small and belong to a request or a CD FP.
Offtopic: Pictures of other than transsexuals. Discussions. Multimedia files like videos and sounds. Executables (programs).
Multimedia: Post to Alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.transsexuals (ABMET)

Keep a long, long, long distance to any surgery!

Silicon is NOT something you want to put into your body! Not in your butt, Not in your breast, Not in your lips Not anywhere!!!

It makes you look UGLY! Realy, realy UGLY!

I could show you millions of videos from YouTube but I chose not to. These videos are so ugly that I chose not to show them here.

ALL, and I mean ALL plastic surgeries should lose there ID, if they work with body enhancements (most do). Put them in jail! If they work with restoration of war victims it's ok otherwise NOT!

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